Chile Patch Chilean Air Force FAC Grupo II Brigada 2 Air Brigade
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Chile Patch Chilean Air Force FAC Grupo II Brigada 2 Air Brigade

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Chile Patch Chilean Air Force Fuerza Aerea de Chile FAC II Brigada II Air Brigade Patch Badge Los Cerrillos AB 1980s Velcro Embroidered on twill cut edge 82mm by 64mm three and one quarter inches by two and one half inches.

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The Second Air Brigade based in Los Cerrillos Santiago covers the region southward from the Río Huasco to the Río Bio-Bio and consists of the Second Wing Ala 2 which combines the Second Group Grupo 2 with the Tenth Group Grupo 10 and Eleventh Group Grupo 11. The Second Wing includes GAA 31 and GCE 32. The Second Group in Los Cerrillos is a special unit operating Canberra PR 9s in the Reconnaissance Squadron Escuadrilla de Reconocimiento and Beech 99As in the Electronic War Squadron Escuadrilla de Guerra Electronica. The Tenth Group based at Pudahuel Airport Santiago is the FACs main transport unit. The Eleventh Group in Los Cerrillos is primarily a refresher training unit for flying personnel previously assigned to nonflying duties. The Second Groups inventory includes the two Gates Learjet 35As of the Aerial Photogrammetric Service Servicio Aereo de Fotogrametria SAF based at Los Cerrillos. The Eleventh Group controls both the Piper PA 28 326 Dakotas of the FAC Specialists School and the Extra 300s of the Los Halcones The Falcons aerobatics team.


This patch dates from the 1980s


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