Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 331 MOIPA AW Squadron Mirage 2000
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Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 331 MOIPA AW Squadron Mirage 2000

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Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 331 MOIPA All Weather Squadron Mira Theseus Patch Mirage 2000 EG Tanagra AB Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 105mm by 91mm four and one eighth inches by three and nine sixteenth inches.

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Squadron History

331 Squadron was activated on 18 April 1988 under 114 Combat Wing at Tanagra airport specifically to operate the HAFs new Mirage 2000 EGM aircraft in the fighter interceptor role. The Squadron used the ancient Greek hero Theseus for its emblem and call sign. The first Mirage 2000 aircraft were delivered to Tanagra on 27 April 1988 and French instructors immediately began training HAF pilots and the Squadron became operational as 331 All Weather Squadron.

The Squadrons Mirage 2000 aircraft were armed with the Magic II missile system which was upgraded in 1996 to the S 530D missile system together with the ICMS M 2000 EGM MK I defensive countermeasures suite. In 1999 the Squadron added the AM 39 EXOCET missile to its inventory and expanded its role to include Maritime Attack role.

On 1 March 2007 331 All weather Squadron converted to receive Mirage 2000 5 Mk III aircraft.

This patch dates from the 2000s.




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