Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 336 Mira Bomber Squadron A 7 b
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Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 336 Mira Bomber Squadron A 7 b

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Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 336 MOIPA Bomber Squadron Olympus Mira A 7H Corsair II Patch 1990s fully embroidered cut edge 120mm by 91mm four and one half inches by three and five eighth inches.

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Squadron History

Followings its wartime service in Egypt Libya and Italy under the RAF 336 Hellenic Royal Fighter Bomber Squadron retuned to Greece in May 1945 to operate from Sedes airport Thessaloniki with its Spitfire aircraft. On 31 July 1945 the Squadron disbanded from the RAF and transferred to Greek control and remaining at Sedes and took part in civil war operations during 1946 to 1949. 

In February 1949 336 Fighter Bomber Squadron relocated to Larissa airport assigned to 110 Combat Wing and on 24 August 1949 reequipped with Helldiver vertical attack fighter dive bomber and rerolled as a Light Bomber Squadron.

In 1953 the Squadron reequipped with F 84G Thunderjets relocated to Elefsis airport and was renamed 336 Fighter Bomber Squadron. On 28 December 1953 the Squadron relocated to Nea Anchialos airport and reassigned to 111 Combat Wing upgrading to F 84F Thunderjets in 1958. In March 1959 the Squadron relocated to Larissa airport and reassigned to 110 Combat Wing before being moved to Araxos airport assigned to 116 Combat Wing on 4 December 1962. On 25 September 1963 the Squadron was redesignated 336 Strike Squadron

On 15 January 1965 336 Strike Squadron was partially requipped with F 104G Starfighter aircraft with the F 104 section moved to 114 Combat Wing at Tanagra airport while the remainder of the Squadron still equipped with F 84F Thunderjets remained at 116 Combat Wing Araxos. In August 1965 the F 84F equipped section was designated 349 Fighter Bomber Squadron before being relocated to 110 Combat Wing at Larissa in November 1966. In December 1965 the F 104G equipped 336 Strike Squadron relocated from Tanagra to 110 Combat Wing Araxos airport.

On 31 March 1993 the Squadron retired its F 104G Starfighters and reequipped with A 7E H and TA 7C H Corsair II aircraft and was redesignated 336 Bomber Squadron. Since 2007 the Squadron is the last operator of the A 7 Corsair.

This patch dates from the 1990s.




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