Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 339 MOIPA AW Squadron Phantom
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Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 339 MOIPA AW Squadron Phantom

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Greek Patch Hellenic Air Force 339 MOIPA Ajax All Weather Squadron Mira Patch F 4E Phantom II 1974 Embroidered on twill cut edge clear plastic front velcro strips rear 99mm by 89mm three and seven eighth inches by three and one half inches.

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Squadron History


339 Fighter Bomber Squadron was activated on 7 July 1952 at Elefsis Air Base equipped with F 84G Thunderstreak aircraft. In August 1959 the Squadron upgraded to F 84F Thunderstreak aircraft and relocated to Larissa Air Base.

In April 1960 339 Squadron redeployed to the Nea Anchialos airport under 111 Combat Wing and in March 1971 relocated to Andravida airport under 117 Combat Wing. 

In 1973 the Squadron deployed temporarily to Araxos airport at 116 CW while infrastructure works were carried out to Andravida airport to support the Squadrons newly allocated F 4E Phantom II. Conversion began on the Squadrons return to Andravida in 1974 and the Squadron was renamed 339 All Weather Interceptor Squadron. 

In September 1978 the Squadrons primary role was changed to Fighter Bomber missions with its Interceptor role becoming secondary. The Squadrons primary and secondary role were reversed in February 1982.  

This patch dates from 1974.




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