Jamaica JDFAW Patch Air Wing Jamaican Defence Force Crest
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Jamaica JDFAW Patch Air Wing Jamaican Defence Force Crest

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Jamaica JDFAW Patch Air Wing Jamaican Defence Force Crest Patch Badge 1960s UK Made Embroidered on twill cut edge 99mm by 76mm three and seven eighth inches by three inches.

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When Jamaica attained Independence in 1962 it acquired the responsibility for its own defence and created the Jamaica Defence Force which
soon identified the need for air support. In early 1963 the Jamaica Air Squadron was formed as a part of the Jamaica National Reserve with its first four pilots enlisted from the Jamaica Flying Club all of whom had been Commissioned Royal Air Force pilots and who would also act as flying
instructors and all had to use their own aircraft as at the time the JDF had none.

On 3 July 1963 the Jamaica Air Wing was officially formed and on the 9 July 1963 the Air Wing received four Cessna 185B four U 17A Skywagons aircraft through a Military Assistance Package from the US Government which included two US Air Force pilot instructors for conversion training. The first notable mission was flown on 17 August 1963 in search of a ganja boat registered as Nana. The first enlisted soldier was posted to the unit as a driver to become the Wings first airman in September 1963. A Bell 47G helicopter followed in October 1963 with a second Bell 47G was flown by JDF pilots from Texas in March 1964. A British Army Air Corps officer arrived in Jamaica in 1964 to command the Air Wing to organize the Wing and to train the helicopter pilots.

During the 1970s the Air Wing grew with more helicopters expanding the forces capabilities. The seven Bell 206 Jet Rangers and three Bell 212s
served until the late nineties and the fixed wing element consisted of two Beeches two DHC 6 Twin Otters two Britten Norman BN 2 Islanders and a number of Cessnas in the 1970s and 1980s. The last two Skywagons were taken off strength in the mid 1980s. By 2010 one Islander and one Cessna 210 fixed wing aircraft remained with the Air leaving it primarily a helicopter force.

The Air Wings primary role is supporting the infantry in military operations and provides operational support to the Jamaica Constabulary Force
Police mainly aerial surveillance and supporting counter narcotics operations under Operation Buccaneer. The Wing carries out Long Range Maritime Patrols LRMPs offshore surveillance and coastal patrols to locates and report on foreign vessels fishing illegally and conducting illicit trade in Jamaican waters. In addition search and rescue operations casualty and medical evacuations and assistance to Government agencies as well as VIP transportation.


This patch dates from 1960s


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