KAF Patch Kenya Air Force Arm Patch Badge 1964
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KAF Patch Kenya Air Force Arm Patch Badge 1964

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KAF Patch Kenya Air Force Arm Patch Badge 1964 Printed on twill 62mm by 60mm two and seven sixteenth inches by two and three eighth inches.

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History 1964 - 2013

Kenya Air Force was formed on 1 June 1964 soon after independence from the UK and with its assistance equipped with DHC-1 Chipmunk trainers and DHC-2 Beaver bush planes for Training Squadron at Flying Training School at Eastliegh for pilot aircrew and ground crew training. DHC-4 Caribou transport aircraft were received by Transport Squadron in 1966 and Strikemaster fighters for Fighter Squadron and Strike Squadron in 1971. Bulldog trainers began service in 1972 with the last Chipmunk departing in 1974.

The Strikemasters moved to Laikipia Air Base in Nanyuki following its opening in 1974 to become the main fighter strike and training base. KAF acquired long range Air Defence Radar systems in 1974 to provide surveillance of national airspace. Ex RAF Hunter fighters were obtained in 1974 with DHC-5 Buffalo transports and Do 28D Skyservant utility aircraft coming to Transport Squadron in 1977. F-5 Tiger II fighters were received by Fighter Squadron in 1978 with the last Hunters inactivated in 1979. SA-330G Puma were introduced to Helicopter Squadron and Gazelle helicopters to Helicopter Attack Squadron in 1978 and KAF acquired Surface to Air Missile capability. In October 1979 Forward Operating Base FOB Wajir was opened for operations. Bae Hawk 52 jet trainers with limited attack capability were operated from 1980.

After a failed coup by a group of Air Force officers on 1 August 1982 the Air Force was disbanded. Air Force activity was reconstituted and placed under tighter army control as the 82 Air Force. The Beavers were retired in 1983 and FOB Mombasa International Airport began operating from 1986. The Caribous were retired in 1987. DHC-8 Dash 8 transports were received by Transport Squadron in 1990 together with Shorts Tucano
trainers for Training Squadron some reconfigured for counter insurgency operations and FOB Lokichoggio began operations from 1992.The Strikemaster fighters were sold in 1993. The Air Force regained its independent status in 1994 and VIP Transport Flight added a Fokker 70 to its Dash 8s in the mid-90s for use as the Presidential Jet. Chinese Harbin Y-12 utility transport aircraft were obtained for Liaison Squadron in 1997 with one converted to air patrol fitted with MX-15 Special Cameras and Mil Mi-17 transport helicopters in 2010. KAF does not operate Kenyas
helicopter gunships which have been retained by the Army and are with 50 Air Cavalry Division. KAF has been involved in combat operations against Islamic al Shahab guerrilla groups in Somalia from 2011 and were involved in the capture on Kismayo in September 2012.

Moi Air Base in Eastleigh Nairobi is the HQ and Operations Kenya Air Force and the main transport base while fighters operate from Laikipia Air Base in Nanyuki. Other bases include FOB Mombasa International Airport from 1986 FOB Mandera FOB Wajir from 1979 FOB Lokichoggio from 1992 and FOB Nyeri mainly for helicopters and small aircraft.


This patch dates from 1964


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