RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 10 Squadron Crew 2
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RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 10 Squadron Crew 2

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RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force 10 Squadron Crew 2 Flying Suit Patch 1980s P 3 Orion RAAF Base Edinburgh embroidered on twill merrowed edge 103mm four and one sixteenth inches diameter. 

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After WWII 10 Squadron was reactivated at Townsville AB on 1 March 1949 equipped with modified Lincoln heavy bombers to increase the RAAFs reconnaissance capability with maritime and anti submarine patrols over northern Australia and the South Pacific. The Squadron deployed a detachment to Darwin to carry out search and rescue duties in June 1950. 10 Squadron reequipped with P2V 7S Neptune aircraft in March 1962 allowing long range missions over South East Asia and the Central Pacific.  

The Squadron participated in the Indonesia Malaysia confrontation 1963 to 1966 with the Neptunes electronic equipment used to monitor Indonesian radars. The Squadron deployed a detachment to Utapao AFB Thailand during the Vietnam War and supported USAF B-52 bombing missions transiting Thai airspace to provide early warning of surface-to-air missiles utilising the Neptunes AN APS 120 radar. Between June 1968 and January 1969 10 Squadron was commanded by a US naval officer Lieutenant Commander J.A. Mueller.

10 Squadron transitioned to P 3C Orion aircraft in 1978 and relocated to RAAF Base Edinburgh in South Australia joining 11 Squadron also equipped with Orions. From early 1981 the Squadron deployed aircraft regularly to RAAF Base Butterworth in Malaysia as part of 92 Wing providing maritime patrol surveillance and anti shipping cover. 10 Squadron supported the Australian led intervention into East Timor in 1999 and has deployed to the Australian maritime patrol detachment based in the Persian Gulf from 2003 in support of coalition operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Squadron began border protection patrols of Australias Exclusive Economic Zone in 2006 as part of Operation Resolute.



This patch dates from the 1980s




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