RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 22 Squadron Crest
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RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 22 Squadron Crest

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RAAF Patch 22 City Of Sydney Squadron Royal Australian Air Force Crest Patch 1980s RAAF Richmond Embroidered on wool cut edge 124mm by 85mm four and seven eighth inches by three and three eighth inches.

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22 City of Sydney Squadron was reformed at Bankstown Sydney on 19 April 1948 as part of the Citizen Air Force CAF but with a cadre of Permanent Air Force PAF members. In November 1948 the Squadron was equipped with P 51 Mustangs and Tiger Moths with flying based at RAAF Schofields undertaking training and carrying out air defence naval and ground support tasks and search and rescue with an S 51 Dragonfly helicopter. The Mustangs were replaced with Vampire jet fighters in September 1952.


The Squadron relocated to RAAF Base Richmond in March 1953 and reequipped with Meteors in 1956 and operated Winjeels in the training role. In June 1960 when CAF flying operations were ceased 22 Squadron converted to a non flying role supporting RAAF activities in the Sydney region.


On 1 July 2010 following changes to the structure of the Combat Support Group resulted in the combat support and fixed base services functions of 325 Expeditionary Combat Support Squadron 325 ECSS being integrated with 22 Squadrons training role at RAAF Richmond with 325 ECSS disbanded.



This patch dates from the 1980s.

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