RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 30 Squadron Crest
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RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 30 Squadron Crest

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RAAF Patch 30 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force Crest Patch Queens Crown 1960s Bloodhound Air Defence Missiles RAAF Base Williamtown New South Wales Japanese made Ace Novelty Fully embroidered cut edge 100mm by 72mm four inches by two and seven eighth inches.

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Squadron History

30 Squadron was re-activated on 3 March 1948 at RAAF Base Richmond as 30 Target Towing Squadron operating a variety of aircraft including Beaufighters Beauforts Dakotas Wirraways Ansons and Mustangs tasked with supporting Air Force Navy and Army training exercises and research conducted by the Governments Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation CSIRO. 30 Squadron relocated firstly to RAAF Base Schofields New South Wales then RAAF Base Fairbairn before moving back to RAAF Base Richmond. 30 Target Towing Squadron was disbanded on 21 March 1956.

30 Squadron was re-formed on 11 January 1961 at RAAF Base Williamtown equipped with Bloodhound missiles providing Surface-to-Air Guided Weapons air defence to the Sydney region and from June 1965 to Darwin. 30 Squadron was the only RAAF unit to have operated surface-to-air missiles and was disbanded on 30 November 1968.

30 Squadron was re-activated on 1 July 2010 to provide airbase support services to RAAF Base East Sale designated as 30 City of Sale Squadron and forms part of RAAFs Combat Support Group.


This patch dates from the 1960s.

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