RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 76 Squadron Ops 90s
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RAAF Patch Sqn Royal Australian Air Force b 76 Squadron Ops 90s

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RAAF Patch 76 Squadron Royal Australian Air Force Growling Panther Patch 1990s MB 326 Trainers RAAF Williamtown Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 86mm by 103mm three and three eighth inches by four and one sixteenth inches.

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Badge  Growling black panthers head on Maltese cross.

Motto  Attack.  

After WWII combat service 76 Squadron reequipped with P 51 Mustang fighters in September 1945 and deployed to Iwakuni on 9 March 1946 moving to Bofu AB Japan a former kamikaze base on 11 March 1946 with 77 Squadron under 81 Wing as part of the BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force with 481 Maintenance Squadron providing technical service for the Mustangs. 76 Squadron relocated to Iwakuni in February 1948 and disbanded on 29 October 1948 with 81 Wing and 481 Maintenance Squadron disbanding in November 1948 leaving 77 Squadron in Japan with additional Mustangs from 76 Squadrons. 

76 Squadron reformed at RAAF Williamtown on 24 January 1949 equipped with Mustangs and received Vampire jet fighters in 1952. The Squadron relocated to RAF Hal Far Malta in July 1952 with 75 Squadron under newly formed 78 Wing to join a British force to counter Soviet influence in the Middle East taking part in numerous training exercises in the Mediterranean region and Europe including a large scale NATO exercise in 1953 participating in a royal review to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The Squadron moved with 78 Wing to RAF Ta Qali in June 1953 before leaving to return to Australia in late December 1954. 76 Squadron arrived back at RAAF Williamtown in February 1955 and was disbanded on 16 March 1955.

76 Squadron reactivated at RAAF Williamtown on 11 January 1960 with Vampire fighters and reequipped with CAC Sabre fighters in May 1961 for air defence and ground attack. The Squadron formed two aerobatic teams the Red Diamonds and Black Panthers which took part in air shows and other public events. 76 Squadron transitioned to Mirage III fighters in 1966 and deployed to Darwin in 1968 to bolster air defences. 76 Squadron was disbanded on 24 August 1973 as part of a reduction in the size of the RAAF following withdrawal from the Vietnam War.

76 Squadron reformed at RAAF Williamtown on 1 January 1989 equipped with Aermacchi MB 326 jets and CAC Winjeel forward air control aircraft to provide jet aircraft training for pilots who had been selected to fly FA 18 Hornet or F 111 aircraft as well as to support Army and Navy exercises and forward air control FAC training tasks previously provided by No. 4 Forward Air Control Flight as C Flight 76 Squadron. The Squadrons Winjeels were replaced with modified Pilatus PC 9 trainers in 1995 before the Squadrons forward air control function and aircraft were transferred to the Forward Air Control Development Unit in 2002. The Squadron was assigned to the newly reformed 78 Wing and received Hawk 127 jet trainers in October 2000. The Squadron is organised into two flights with Training Flight providing introductory fighter training to pilots who have completed courses with 79 Squadron and once trained pilots are posted to either 2 Operational Conversion Unit to converted to FA 18A Hornet aircraft or 6 Squadron for FA 18F Super Hornet aircraft while Operations Flight provides close air support training for the Army and fleet support training for the Navy.


This patch dates from the 1990s.

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