RDAF Patch Royal Danish Air Force 726 Esk Squadron F 104 c
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RDAF Patch Royal Danish Air Force 726 Esk Squadron F 104 c

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RDAF Patch Esk 726 Squadron Royal Danish Air Force F 104 Starfighter Flight Suit Patch 1982 Aalborg Air Base Velcro Fully embroidered merrowed edge 102mm four inches diameter.

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Squadron History 1952 2015

Esk 726 Phantom was activated on 1 August 1952 at Karup Air Base equipped with F 84 Thunderjet fighter aircraft. The Squadron moved to Aalborg Air Base and reequipped with F 86D Sabre fighters in 1958. Esk 726 was the first Squadron to convert to F 104G Starfighter interceptors in December 1964 and initially provided operational conversion training. The Squadron added CF 104D Starfighters to its fleet in November 1973.

Esk 726 retained the F 104G CF 104D Starfighter until 1983 when it became the last Danish Air force F 104 Squadron to convert to the F 16. Originally an attack Squadron the mission changed in 1993 taking over the reconnaissance role on the disbandment of the Draken Reconnaissance Esk 729. The Squadron received the F 16 MLU in 1999.

In 1999 following the end of the Cold War the RDAF was reorganised to be an expeditionary air force capable of supporting international operations worldwide while at the same time continuing its domestic air defence and sea defence commitments.

When its sister squadron Esk 723 was disbanded in 2001 Esk 726 was the only flying unit left at Aalborg AB. The Squadron was itself disbanded in 2005 leaving Skrydstrup AB as RDAFs only operational F 16 airbase.

The Squadron took part in Operation Allied Force at Grazzanise AB Italy March June 1999 Enduring Freedom Manas AB Kyrgystan October 2002 September 2003 and Air Policing Baltic States Siauliai AB Lithuania July October 2004.

This patch dates from 1982.







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