RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 300 Squadron o Bobcat
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RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 300 Squadron o Bobcat

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RNLAF Patch Royal Netherlands Air Force 300 Squadron Bobcat 1980s Allouette III Deelan AB Fully embroidered merrowed edge 80mm three and three sixteenth inches diameter. 

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300 Light Aviation Squadron RNLAF was activated as a reserve squadron in 1962 at Ypenburg AB equipped with L 21 Super Cub DHC 2 Beaver light aircraft and H 23 Raven helicopters to provide training for scouting liaison and light transport missions for 1 NL Corps. Whilst the Squadrons aircraft were Army owned the RNLAF were responsible for providing flying personnel and maintenance. The Squadron replaced its H 23 Ravens with SE 316 Alouette III helicopters in 1965 and continued operation with the Super Cub and Beavers. 300 Squadron relocated to Deelen AB in 1968 and added 298 Squadrons fixed wing L 21 Super Cubs to its fleet and transferred its training role to 299 Squadron. 

The Squadron was reallocated its training role in 1975 with pilots who had completed initial helicopter training at Fort Rucker US. The Squadrons last fixed wing Piper Cub was retired in 1976. From 1986 initial pilot training was undertaken at Woensdrecht Netherlands. 

300 Squadron relocated to Soesterberg AB in 1995 and reequipped with AS532U2 Cougar helicopters to support the Army's Air Mobile Brigade but retained a flight on four Alouette III upgraded to SA 316B for transport of the Royal family and other VIPs. The Squadron added firefighting to its role with Cougars using a 2500 litre sling loaded Bambi Bucket. 

300 Squadron deployed for UN and NATO missions in support of SFOR in Bosnia during 2001 2002 the mission in Iraq during 2003 2005 and Afghanistan during 2006 2009 on six month rotations with 298 Squadron CH 47 Chinooks at Kandahar Air Base. 300 Squadron relocated to Gilze Rijen in 2008 which became RNLAFs main operating base for military helicopters and was reassigned to the newly created RNLAF Defense Helicopter Command DHC. The Squadrons Cougars began a Mid Life Update programme in 2009 and with the planned introduction of the NH 90 a phase out of the Cougars was announced in 2011. Delays with the NH 90 has meant 300 Squadrons Cougars remain operational until phase out in 2017 to be replaced by CH 47F Chinooks.

This patch dates from the 1980s




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