RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 311 Squadron F 16 cra
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RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 311 Squadron F 16 cra

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RNLAF Patch 311 Squadron RNLAF Royal Netherlands Air Force Flying Suit Crest Patch 1990s F 16 Volkel Air Base Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 110mm by 80mm four and five sixteenth inches by three and one eighth inches.


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311 Squadron was the first flying squadron to be stood up at Volkel Air Base on 1 May 1951 with F 84 E and G Thunderjet aircraft upgrading to F 84 F Thunderstreak jets in 1955. The Squadron reequipped with F 104 Starfighter aircraft in 1965.  

311 Squadron converted from F 104 Starfighters to F 16 Fighting Falcons in April 1982 in the strike and fighter bomber attack roles. In the late 1980s fighter interception was added to the Squadrons tasking.

The Squadron deployed to Villafranca AB Italy from 12 April 1993 to 20 December 1995 for Operation Deny Flight over the former Yugoslavia in support of the UNPROFOR troops stationed in Bosnia Herzegovina. 311 Squadron participated in Operation Decisive Endeavour based at Villafranca AB from 21 December 1995 to 21 December 1996 to support the IFOR mission. The Squadron provided rotational deployments for Operation Deliberate Guard from 22 December 1996 to 20 June 1998 again from Villafranca AB in support of SFOR during which it took part in Op Determined Falcon show of force over Kosovo and Albania on 15 and 16 June 1998. Rotational deployment continued with Op Deliberate Forge with the Squadron moving to Amendola AB Italy on 21 June 1998 until July 2001 which included combat missions during Op Allied Force air strikes against Serbia from 23 March 1999 to 10 June 1999.  

With the introduction of the MLU F 16 in 2000 all F 16s became capable of carrying reconnaissance pods and with 306 Recce Squadron rerolled for training duties its reconnaissance missions were given to the remaining F 16 Squadrons with 311 Squadron receiving the majority of the recce equipment providing it to the other Squadrons as needed.

311 Squadron participated in operations over Afghanistan since Operation Enduring Freedom when the Squadron deployed to Manas AB Kyrgyzstan from 1 October 2002 to 31 December 2002 returning to Manas AB 14 September 2004 to 7 November 2004 to protect the Dutch and coalition forces on ISAF operations during elections in Afghanistan. The Squadron deployed to Kabul AB Afghanistan from 1 January 2006 to 31 March 2006 and to Kandahar AB Afghanistan on 1 October 2007 to 31 December 2007 in support of ISAF missions.

311 Squadron celebrated its 60th anniversary on 1 May 2011 but with further defence cuts the Squadron was inactivated on 9 May 2011.

This patch dates from the 1990s






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