RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 312 Squadron F 16 qna
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RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 312 Squadron F 16 qna

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RNLAF Patch 312 Squadron RNLAF Royal Netherlands Air Force Pilot Name 1980s F 16 Volkel Air Base Embroidered on twill Merrowed Edge 60mm by 100mm two and three quarter inches by four inches.


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312 Squadron RNLAF Royal Netherlands Air Force Koninklijke Luchtmacht KLu was activated at Volkel Air Base on 1 December 1951 tasked with both air support and air defence under 1 Tactical Fighter Wing one of two Wings created to operate the F 84 fighter bomber provided under the United States Mutual Defence Assistance Program MDAP for NATO. 312 Squadron received its first seven F 84E Thunderjet aircraft in January 1952 transferred from its Volkel Wing sister unit 311 Squadron. 312 Squadron upgraded to F 84G Thunderjets later in 1952.

The Squadron adopted the emblem of two crossed swords symbolizing aggressiveness and strength with a lightning flash representing striking speed and the motto Audax cum Consilio meaning Bold with Council. 312 chose Bonzo as its radio call sign for operations named after the first 1 Tactical Fighter Wings Commanding Officers dog.

312 Squadron began its transition to F 84F Thunderstreak fighter bombers in January 1955 receiving its first F 84F in March 1956 and coming up to strength on 12 June 1956 with its Thunderjets returned to the USAF. The Squadron formed an F 84F Thunderstreak display team with 311 Squadron which continued until 1958. When 313 Squadron the F 84F Thunderstreak conversion and advanced jet pilot training Squadron was disbanded in January 1959 312 Squadron undertook the provision of F 84F Operational Conversion Course pilot training until 315 Squadron was allocated the training in October 1961.

312 Squadron was the last Squadron to begin conversion to the F 104 Starfighter delivered under the US MDAP to update RNLAFs fleet in 1965 transferring out its last F 84F Thunderstreaks on 1 December 1965 and operational in January 1966. The Squadron lost the fighter interceptor element of its role with Volkels 1 Tactical Fighter Wing concentrating on fighter bomber air support strike operations with conventional munitions and standing Quick Reaction Alert QRA for nuclear strike missions with tactical nuclear devices stored by USAFE at Volkel AB. The Squadron provided the aircraft pilot Hans van der Werf and support crew for the F 104 Display Team from 1974 to 1980.

312 Squadron relinquished F 104 Starfighters becoming operational with F 16 Fighting Falcon fighters on 1 October 1985 to continue its tasking of conventional and nuclear strike with 311 Squadron under 1 Tactical Fighter Wing at Volkel AB. The Squadron provided pilots aircraft and crew for the RNLAF F 16 Solo Display team for the 1987 1988 season.

Volkel Wing formed an expeditionary unit with 311 and 312 Squadrons for deployments to Villafranca AB Italy for NATOs Operation Deny Flight the enforcement of a no fly zone over the former Yugoslavia 1993 to 1995 and carried out the first Dutch offensive missions since the Indonesian campaign of the 1960s. The Volkel Wing unit became known as 623 Squadron being the sum of the two Squadron numbers.

The Squadron upgrade to F 16 MLU commenced on 1 December 2000 which greatly improved air to ground capability The Squadron provided pilots aircraft and crew for the RNLAF F 16 Solo Display team for the and the 2001 2002 2012 2013 seasons.

312 Squadron has been active internationally taking part in operations over former Yugoslavia Op Deny Flight 1993 1995 Decisive Endeavour 1995 1996 Deliberate Guard 1996 1998 Determined Falcon 1998 Deliberate Forge 1998 2001 and Allied Force 1999 operations over Afghanistan Enduring Freedom Kyrgyzstan 2002 and International Security and Assistance Force Kyrgyzstan 2004 Kabul AB Afghanistan 2005 2006 Kandahar AB 2007 2008 and 2010 Mazar e Sharif AB 2012 2014 and Malbork AB Poland Baltic Air Policing 2014.

This patch dates from 2001.






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