RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 314 Squadron F 5 cra
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RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 314 Squadron F 5 cra

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RNLAF Patch 314 Squadron RNLAF Royal Netherlands Air Force Redskins Flying Suit Crest Patch 1989 NF 5 Freedom Fighter Gilze Rijen AB NATO AMF Embroidered on wool cut edge 145mm by 101mm five and eleven sixteenth inches by four inches. 

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314 Squadron Redskins was activated in 1952 at Eindhoven Air Base equipped with F 84G Thunderjet fighters tasked with strike attack. The Squadron upgraded to F 84F Thunderstreak aircraft in 1956. The Squadron was allocated to the NATO Allied Mobile Force. 314 Squadron reequipped with NF 5A Freedom Fighter aircraft with the first arriving at Einhoven in November 1969 with the last F 84F leaving on 21 December 1970. Part of 314 Squadron was used to form 316 Squadron in May 1971 delaying 314 Squadron becoming operational on 1 December 1971. As part of AMF the Squadron undertook NATO exercises particularly in Norway and NATO Squadron exchanges. The Squadron took over the Double Dutch NF 5 demonstration displaying at Eindhoven on 21 October 1982 and continued displays from 1983 to the end of the 1985 season after which Double Dutch was disbanded. The Squadron relocated to Gilze Rijen AB in 1988. 

The Squadron reequipped with F 16A Fighting Falcon multi role fighters in May 1990 becoming operational on 1 November 1991. With the end of the Cold War the Government earmarked the Squadron for disbandment and placed on standby on 1 September 1993. Elements of the Squadron deployed to Villafranca AB Italy with 322 Squadron for Operation Deny Flight at the end of 1993 and early 1994. The Squadron disbanded on 6 July 1995. 314 Squadrons emblem nickname Redskins and traditions were adopted by 301 Squadron equipped with AH 64A Apache helicopters which activated at Gilze Rijen on 31 January 1997. 

This patch dates from 1988




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