RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 316 Squadron a F 5 cra
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RNLAF Patch s Royal Netherlands Air Force 316 Squadron a F 5 cra

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RNLAF Patch 316 Squadron Royal Netherlands Air Force Crest 1980s NF 5 Freedom Fighter Gilze Rijen Air Base Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 131mm by 98mm five and one eighth inches by three and seven eighth inches.


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316 Squadron Falcon was activated at Eindhoven AB in 1952 equipped with F 84G Thunderjet fighters tasked with keeping fighter pilots up to date flight ready and operational and was inactivated in 1955. The Squadron reactivated in 1956 at Eindhoven AB equipped with F 84F Thunderstreaks disbanding in 1958. 

314 Squadron reformed at Eindhoven AB on 1 July 1971 equipped with NF 5 Freedom Fighters from part of 314 Squadron. The Squadron gained operation status and relocated to Gilze Rijen AB on 27 April 1972. In 1980 the Squadron assisted 316 Squadron with providing TOCC Theatre Operational Conversions Courses to Dutch pilots who had completed initial training in the US or Canada to adjust to European operations weather and weapons usage. 316 Squadron became solely responsible for TOCC in 1986 when 313 Squadron began conversion to F 16 Fighting Falcons. The Squadron relocated to Eindhoven in 1988 and was the last squadron to relinquishing its NF 5 Freedom Fighters on 1 May 1991 to begin its transition to F 16 Fighting Falcon. With the end of the Cold War and subsequent Government budget reductions 316 Squadron was disbanded on 1 April 1994. 


This patch dates from the 1980s






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