RNLNAS Patch Netherland Naval Aviation Lynx Flight De Ruyter
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RNLNAS Patch Netherland Naval Aviation Lynx Flight De Ruyter

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RNLNAS Patch Netherlands Naval Aviation Lynx Ships Flight De Ruyter F 806 Flying Suit Crest Patch 1980s Lynx Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 111mm by 90mm four and five sixteenth inches by three and one half inches. 

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HNLMS De Ruyter F806 was laid down 22 December 1971 launched 9 March 1974 commissioned 3 June 1976 and decommissioned in 2001. The ship was equipped with a helicopter deck and hangar and a Lynx helicopter for the ships flight from 7 and 860 Squadrons.

Netherlands Naval Aviation Service Marine Luchtvaartdienst MLD is the naval aviation branch of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The main roles of the MLD were maritime patrol anti submarine warfare and SAR search and rescue.

860 Squadron was established under the British Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm in June 1943 at Donibrustle Scotland with Fairey Swordfish tasked with anti-submarine and Convoy protection and were deployed on Merchant Aircraft Carriers MACs mainly the Gadilla and Macome both converted Shell oil tankers. In May 1945 the Squadron returned to shore at RNAS Maydown Northern Ireland converted to Fairey Barracudas and relocated to RAF Fearn to prepare for joining the War on Japan.

With the end of the war the Barracudas were returned to the Fleet Air Arm and 860 Squadron re-equipped with Fairey Fireflys acquired by the Royal Netherlands Navy and deployed aboard aircraft carrier HNLMS Karel Doorman and sailed to the Dutch East Indies where the Squadron saw action dealing with the uprising in 1946-49.  Following the ending of hostilities the Squadron disbanded on 15 March 1950.

860 Squadron was reactivated on 15 July 1950 at Valkenburg NAS Netherlands equipped with Sea Furys and joined aircraft carrier HMLMS Karel Doorman and in 1957 converted to Sea Hawks the only jet fighter used by RNN. The Squadron was disbanded in 1964 when HMLMS Karel Doorman was re-tasked for anti-submarine warfare.

860 Squadron was reactivated at De Kooy NAS in October 1966 in the rotary wing role with Wasp helicopters for ships flights and was joined at De Kooy by 7 Squadron with both Squadrons upgrading to Lynx helicopters in 1976.

Helicopters of 860 Squadron and 7 Squadron stationed in De Kooy NAS and on ships and were known as the Helicopter Group while the other MLD Squadrons 320 and 321 Squadron equipped with fixed wing maritime patrol aircraft stationed at Valkenburg Naval Air Station NAS were known as the Airplane Group. This was formalized on 1 July 1977 when the Netherlands Naval Aviation Service MLD was split into two sections MARPAT Maritime Patrol controlling 320 and 321 Squadrons fixed wing Orion patrol aircraft while MARHELI Maritime Helicopters controlling 860 and 7 Squadrons.

In 2008 the Netherlands Naval Helicopters Group 860 and 7 Squadron were transferred with the RNLAF helicopter Squadrons to the newly formed Defence Helicopter Command DHC to bring all Dutch military helicopters under one single command at De Kooy NAS which was renamed De Kooy Maritime Air Station. 7 Squadron retained its training role while 860 Squadron was designated as DHCs Maritime Squadron with a large navy component providing SAR and anti-submarine Lynx Flights to Navy ships.



This patch dates from the 1980s




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