RNZAF Patch Sqn Royal New Zealand Air Force 3 Squadron Crest
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RNZAF Patch Sqn Royal New Zealand Air Force 3 Squadron Crest

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RNZAF Patch 3 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force Crest Patch Queens Crown 1970s UH 1 Iroquois RNZAF Base Hobsonville Embroidered on felt cut edge 127mm by 97mm five inches by three and seven eighth inches.

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Squadron History

Following wartime service carrying out patrol bomber operations with Hudsons and Venturas in the Pacific campaign 3 Squadron reverted to a territorial unit in 1948 based at RNZAF Base Wigram with equipped with Tiger Moths Harvards and P-51 Mustangs. The Squadron subsequently operated transport aircraft such the Bristol Freighter and Army co-operation aircraft such as the Auster AOP. In 1965 3 Squadron was re-tasked as a helicopter unit and relocated to RNZAF Base Hobsonville Auckland and equipped with Bell 47s and UH 1 Iroquois.

3 Squadrons Naval Support Flight NSF was formed in 1966 with a mix of Navy and Air Force personnel to operate Westland Wasps helicopters from Royal New Zealand Navy frigates.

Helicopter Pilots from 3 Squadron served in Vietnam and in UN peace keeping in the Sinai. 3 Squadron served in East Timor and maintained a detachment in Singapore to support New Zealand Army operations and combat Indonesian insurgents. Detachments have also served in the Solomon Islands and Antarctica.

Naval Support Flight converted to SH-2F Seasprite helicopters in 1997 until upgraded SH-2G Seasprites were received in 2001. The NSF was inactivated in October 2005 when the role was transferred to 6 Squadron.

3 Squadron continues to provide tactical air transport with its UH 1 for army operations and is due to upgrade to NH 90s. 

This patch dates from the 1970s.

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