RNZAF Patch Sqn Royal New Zealand Air Force 5 Squadron Crest
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RNZAF Patch Sqn Royal New Zealand Air Force 5 Squadron Crest

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RNZAF Patch 5 Squadron Royal New Zealand Air Force Crest Queens Crown 1970s P 3 Orion RNZAF Station Whenuapai Applique embroidered on felt cut edge 127mm by 93mm five inches by three and five eighth inches.

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Following WWII service in New Zealand providing communication services 42 Squadron RNZAF was disbanded at RNZAF Station Ohakea in 1946 although its aircraft continued to operate at the base. 42 Squadron quickly reformed at Ohakea equipped with a variety of aircraft including Harvard IIB and III trainers Auster Oxford Devon C 1 and Dakota transports Avenger and P 51 Mustang fighters with a variety of tasking including VIP transport Antarctic support pilot training and gunnery training including drogue and banner target towing for RNZAF air to air gunnery and for army and navy anti aircraft training exercises and manoeuvres with the Mustangs providing high speed towed banner targets for fast RNZAF interceptors.

Following wartime service carrying out long range maritime patrol operations with Singapore and Catalina flying boats in the Pacific campaign 5 Squadron relocated to Lauthala Bay Fiji. The Squadron reequipped with Sunderland flying boats in 1953 continuing maritime surveillance medical evacuation flights and communications flights for colonial administrators over the vast South Pacific Ocean.

In 1966 the majority of the Squadron was moved to Whenuapai as it took delivery of five new Lockheed Orion P 3Bs. The Squadrons Sunderlands were withdrawn in 1967 on the closure of Lauthala Bay Fiji.

In their operations Orion aircraft and crews from 5 Squadron have travelled to many different countries and have won the prestigious international maritime Fincastle competition on several occasions. In the early 1980s the Orion aircraft were upgraded and redesignated to P 3K Orion. In 1985 a sixth Orion obtained from the RAAF was added to the fleet.

In February 1998 a short term detachment of two Orion aircraft crews and support personnel were dispatched to the Arabian Gulf in support of a build-up of coalition forces in the region. The detachment returned to New Zealand mid March 1998. Between May 2003 and February 2004 a detachment was deployed to contribute to the multinational antiterrorist Operation Enduring Freedom coalition flying a total of 142 missions conducting Maritime Interdiction Operations in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. In February 2006 5 Squadron deployed to Antarctica for the first time as a trial to pave the way for Antarctic-based maritime surveillance operations.


This patch dates from the 1970s.


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