RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 332 Skv Sqn F 16 Fighter d
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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 332 Skv Sqn F 16 Fighter d

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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force 332 Skv Squadron F 16 Operational Conversion Unit OCU NATO Fighter Operations 2000s Bodo Main Air Base Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 92mm three and five eighth inches diameter.

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332 Skv Squadron reequipped with F 5A fighter aircraft in 1967 and disbanded at Orland AB in 1973. The Squadron was reactivated at Rygge in 1980 as RNoAF F 16 Operational Conversion Unit becoming the first Norwegian Squadron to receive the F 16 fighter. The Squadron relocated to Bodo Main AB in 1981 to conduct the operational training of F 16 pilots for both 331 Skvadron and 334 Skvadron. The RNoAF F 16 aircraft incorporated drag chutes to enable operation from hard packed snow or ice covered runways where wheel brakes are of little use and for landings at northern civilian airports which tend to have short runways. Identification spotlights on the port side of the nose were introduced to illuminate aerial targets during night time intercepts is known as the Russian light by Norwegian F 16 crews.

Once the training of pilots for 331 and 334 Skv was completed the Squadron relocated their training program back to Rygge AB to train up enough F 16 pilots for itself to become operational for NATO tasking following which the Squadrons training cadre relocated to Orland AB to train F 16 pilots for 338 Skv. As part of the NATO Immediate Reaction Force 332 Squadron carried out missions over the Balkans in the 1990s.

After the conversion to the F 16 Falcon MLU platform was concluded in 2001 332 Skv retaining its training task relocated from Rygge AB as part of 134 Luftving to Bodo AB as part of 132 Luftving to replace the disbanded 334 Skv as part of the Norways reduction in aircraft numbers to 57 airframes not enough to equip 4 squadrons at full strength. NATO exercises and exchanges continued including Italian Air Force 10 Gruppo visit to Rygge AB with their F 104S ASA M Starfighters in September 2001. In October 2002 to March 2003 the Squadron deployed elements to Manas AB Khirgisistan to provide Close Air Support missions in support of ground forces for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. The Squadron deployed assets to Lithuania in January 2006 for NATO Air Policing Baltic States Lithuania Estonia and Latvia to provide air cover to thr new NATO nations with rotational QRA against Russian intruders. Squadron elements returned to Kabul in March 2006 for Combat Air Patrols to support NATO ISAF forces.

Since 2006 the RNoAF has pooled all F 16s into one unit the Forsvarets Logistikk Organisasjon FLO or Air Force Logistic Organisation. F 16s are assigned to Squadrons as required.

The Squadron supported RNoAFs second deployment to Lithuania from December 2007 to March 2008 for Baltic Air Policing and in 2009 deployed to Keflavik AB undertaking NATO Iceland Air Policing and Surveillance. 332 Skv attended Exercise Frisian Flag at Leeuwarden AB Netherlands in April 2010 with the added task of conducting air operations affected by the ash cloud from the erupting volcano in Iceland. The Squadron deployed to Souda AB Greece in March 2011 for Operations Odyssey Dawn and Unified Protector over Libya returning in July 2011 before deploying to Keflavik AB for NATO Iceland Air Policing and Surveillance later in 2011 and again in January February 2014.

332 SKV was disbanded on 31 July 2015 currently pending reactivation to operate RNoAF F 35A Lightning aircraft.



This patch dates from the 2000s.



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