RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force Ex Cold Response 2007 EPAF
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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force Ex Cold Response 2007 EPAF

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RNoAF Patch Royal Norwegian Air Force Exercise Cold Response 2007 Bodo MAS Patch RNoAF EPAF Belgium Danish Netherlands Portuguese Air Force Velcro Fully embroidered merrowed edge 90mm three and nine sixteenth inches diameter.

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Exercise Cold Response 2007 was a Norwegian Military invitational exercise intended mainly for the Norwegian military but with other nations invited to take part and was held in Norway from 7 to 16 March 2007. The major foreign participation was in the air and Special Forces aspects of the exercise. The Exercise was based on the Kosovo campaign with ground forces used bring peace against aggressive opposition forces.  The ground element of the exercise took place around Bardufoss in the Arctic Circle. The large multination Air Force the European Participating Forces EPAF Expeditionary Air Wing EEAW with F 16 Fighting Falcons from the Belgium Air Force BAF Royal Danish Air Force RDAF Royal Norwegian Air Force RNoAF Royal Netherlands Air Force RNLAF and the Portuguese Air Force PAF was assembled well south at Bodo Air Base and was the first time that all five air forces operated together integrating command air operations and maintenance. Airborne Command and Control was provided by the German Air Force GAF. 

This patch dates from 2007.





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