SAAF Patch South African Air Force a 7 Squadron Harvard 80s
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SAAF Patch South African Air Force a 7 Squadron Harvard 80s

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SAAF Patch South African Air Force 7 Squadron Patch Badge Harvard 1980s Embroidered on twill grey compressed stiffener back 102mm by 90mm four and one sixteenth inches by three and one half inches.

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History 1942 - 1992

Motto: - Caelorum Domini Lords of the Sky

7 Squadron formed on 12 January 1942 at Zwartkop AFB equipped with Harvard and Mohawk aircraft. The Squadron moved to Egypt in April 1942 converting to Hurricane Mk 1s and operating in the fighter role. In September 1942 the Squadron upgraded to Hurricane Mk IIDs tank-buster armed with 40mm cannon seeing action in the battle of El Alamein.

In November 1942 the Squadron began to train in night fighting and re-equipped with Hurricane Mk.IICs used during the advance into Tunisia to provide fighter cover for coastal convoys carrying vital supplies to the advancing armies. In April 1943 the Squadron re-equipped with the Hurricane Mk IIDs tank-busters but the campaign in North Africa ended before they could be used. The Squadron re-equipped with Spitfire Mk Vs in July 1943 and flew convoy escort and fighter-interception sorties. In September 1943 the squadron was moved to Cyprus and Kos in order to provide air cover for the ill-fated invasion of the Dodecanese Islands. By the beginning of October 1943 the German landing operations were successful and the Squadron made a hurried retreat back to Egypt. In April 1944 the Squadron re-equipped with Spitfire Mk lXs and rejoined 7 Wing in Italy for ground-attack and bomber escort missions. After the surrender of German forces in Italy the Squadron was sent to the Far East but the Pacific War ended before the Squadron could be deployed and moved to Ceylon and repatriated to South Africa and disbanded on 10 September 1945.

7 Squadron was reformed at Ysterplaat AFB in August 1951 as an Active Citizen Force unit equipped with Harvards and disbanded in 1959. It was re-formed at Youngsfield AFB in the Cape on 1 August 1961 with Harvards and relocated to Ysterplaat in 1969. The Squadron received Impala Mk
Is in 1977 and relocated to Cape Town International Airport in 1978 before again moving to Langebaanweg AFB. The Squadron added Impala Mk IIs to its fleet and moved to Pietersburg AFB in 1990. The squadron was disbanded in December 1992. 


This patch dates from the 1980s


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