SAAF Patch South African Air Force b 16 Squadron Alouette 80s
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SAAF Patch South African Air Force b 16 Squadron Alouette 80s

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SAAF Patch South African Air Force 16 Squadron Patch Badge Alouette IIIs Transport Border Wars 1980s Embroidered on twill 87mm three and seven sixteenth inches diameter.

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History 1939 - 2013

Motto: - Hlaselani Attack

16 Squadron was formed with 15 Squadron at Germiston on 14 September 1939 and transferred to Walvis Bay AFB on 18 September 1939 for maritime patrolling under Coastal Command equipped with three ex-South African Airways Junkers Ju 86Z In December 1939 the Squadron was inactivated when it became B Flight 32 Squadron.

The Squadron was re-formed at Addis Ababa on 1 May 1941 with eight Ju-86Z taken over from 12 Squadron plus two Martin Marylands and disbanded in August 1941 following the surrender of Italian Forces.

16 squadron was reformed in September 1942 on the renumbering of 20 Squadron while taking part in the invasion of Madagascar equipped with Maryland and Beaufort aircraft. Following the successful invasion of Madagascar the Squadron moved to Kenya and converted to Blenheim Vs for use in the maritime role. In April 1943 the Squadron moved to Egypt for anti-submarine patrolling and in November 1943 re-equipped with Beaufighters. The Squadron performed anti-submarine role until disbanded on 15 June 1945.

The Squadron reformed on 1 February 1968 at Ysterplaat AFB equipped with Alouette IIIs and relocated to Durban in February 1969. In mid-1972 the Squadron moved to Bloemspruit AFB Bloemfontein with A Flight moving to Port Elizabeth in 1973 with B Flight transferring to Ysterplaat AFB. In December 1980 B Flight moved to Port Elizabeth to join A Flight and in 1986 the Squadron added Pumas to its fleet of Alouette IIIs. Throughout
this period the Squadron played a vital role in the South-West Africa Angola Border War and following the cessation of hostilities the squadron was disbanded in October 1990.

16 Squadron was reactivated on 28 October 1999 at Bloemspruit AFB equipped new Rooivalk attack helicopters SAAFs first attack helicopter Squadron.



This patch dates from 1980s


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