Spanish Patch Air Force Ejercito Del Aire 221 Escuadron P 3B ASW
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Spanish Patch Air Force Ejercito Del Aire 221 Escuadron P 3B ASW

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Spanish Patch Air Force Ejercito Del Aire 221 Escuadron Squadron P 3B Orion Patch Badge 1990s Ala 22 Patrol Wing Jerez de la Frontera AB Cadiz Maritime Patrol ASW Embroidered on twill merrowed edge 90mm three and nine eighth inches diameter.

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Three P 3A Orion Patrol aircraft were received in 1973 replacing HU 16B Albatross amphibious patrol aircraft and designated C 14 by the Spanish Air Force C stood for Caza Fighter and 14 represented the 14th fighter type in service since the creation of the Spanish Air Force Ejercito del Aire. The Orions were assigned to 221 Escuadron of Ala du Patrulla 22 Patrol Wing at La Parra Air Base. The Wing moved to Jerez de la Frontera Cadiz and received 5 ex RNoAF P 3B Orions in 1989. Systems were upgraded during the 1990s and the Alpha engines on the two remaining P 3As were renewed to Bravo for better performance and maintenance. A further update programme was undertaken in 2003 and the Wing moved to Moron AB.  


This patch dates from the 1990s. 

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