US Navy Patch USN Submarine SSBN 610 USS Thomas A Edison Polaris
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US Navy Patch USN Submarine SSBN 610 USS Thomas A Edison Polaris

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US Navy Patch USN Submarine SSBN 610 USS Thomas A Edison Polaris SLBM Atlantic Deterrent Patrols 1960s Fully embroidered cut edge 110mm by 95mm four and five sixteenth inches by three and three quarter inches.

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USS Thomas A Edison SSBN 610 was launched on 15 June 1961 as the third of five nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines of the Ethan Allen Class which were specifically designed as a ballistic missile launch platform. SSBN 610 was commissioned on 10 March 1962 and was the second US Navy ship of to be named after the inventor Thomas A Edison. USS Thomas A Edison had sixteen tubes for Polaris Submarine launched Ballistic Missiles SLBM and four 21 inch bow torpedo tubes. USS Thomas A Edison adopted the Latin motto Potentia Tenebras Repellendi Power pushes back the darkness. During its construction a Steinway piano was included with the fitting out.

SSBN 610 was assigned to the Atlantic Fleet and to her home port of New London. She collided with the destroyer USS Wadleigh DD 689 during training off the US east coast on 9 April 1962. From USS Thomas A Edison conducting her first deterrent patrol picking up Polaris missiles from Charleston on 7 November 1962 operating in the Atlantic ending the patrol at Holy Loch Scotland. SSBN 610 remained operating from Holy Loch undertaking 17 deterrent patrols before returning to her new home port of Charleston on 15 October 1966 for her first major refit.

The overhaul completed on 9 May 1968 and after sea trials USS Thomas A Edison left for her 18th Atlantic deterrent patrol on 22 September 1968. Following a curtailed 19th patrol SSBN 610 undertook a four missile Follow on Target FOT test launch with warheads removed fired from off the Canary Islands to a target in the Caribbean. The accuracy and timeliness of the successful test launches earnt Blue Crew a Meritorious Unit Citation. Operating from New London and Rota Spain USS Thomas A Edison undertook 19 deterrent patrols in the Mediterranean Sea. 

USS Thomas A Edison SSBN 610 was reassigned to the US Pacific Fleet with her homeport changed to San Diego in June 1973 transiting the Panama Canal arriving there on 11 July 1973 joining Submarine Group 5. Shortly after she commenced an overhaul at Mare Island Naval Shipyard at Vallejo Ca on 6 August 1973 which was completed on 30 November 1974. With sea trails in January and February 1975 USS Thomas A Edison transited the Panama Canal in March 1975 to fire test missiles near Cape Canaveral Florida returning via the Panama Canal to San Diego on 8 August 1975. SSBN 610 carried out operations along the West Coast before being assigned a new home port of Apra Guam in December 1975 for deterrent patrols in the middle Pacific. 

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks between the US and the Soviet Union during the 1960s and 1970s led to the SALT I anti ballistic missile Treaty of 26 May 1972 which limited nuclear warhead numbers and SALT II 18 June 1979 which began the reduction of nuclear weapons. With the US Navy upgrading its nuclear submarine force the ballistic missile capability of the existing George Washington and Ethan Allen class fleet was decommissioned to allow the introduction of the Ohio class ballistic missile submarines to stay within the limitations of the SALT treaties. USS Thomas A Edison SSBN 610 completed her final deterrent patrol and was redesignated SSN 610 on 6 October 1980 with her ballistic missile tubes disabled converting her to a conventional nuclear powered submarine and retasked for training ASW antisubmarine warfare exercises and other secondary duties

USS Thomas A Edison SSN 610 was decommissioned on 1 December 1983 and stricken from the Naval Vessel Register on 30 April 1986.


This patch dates from the 1960s.









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