USAF Patch Fighter Vietnam 27 TFW Tactical Ftr Wing Pilot Pool
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USAF Patch Fighter Vietnam 27 TFW Tactical Ftr Wing Pilot Pool

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USAF Patch 27 TFW Tactical Fighter Wing Pilot Pool Tab Patch F-100 Super Sabres Cannon AFB and Vietnam 1966 Local Made embroidered on twill cut edge 20mm by 93mm three quarters of an inch by three and five eighth inches.

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27 Tactical Fighter Wing was reactivated on 18 February 1959 at Cannon AFB New Mexico reequipped with F-100 Super Sabres with 481 522 523 and 524 TFSs which carried out rotational deployments around the world. The Wing deployed the first F-100 squadron to Thailand in 1962 and to South Vietnam in 1964.

With most of its operational Squadrons deployed the Wings mission changed in December 1965 from a Tactical Fighter Wing to a replacement training unit. 27 TFW became the largest replacement training unit in Tactical Air Command. 4585 Student Squadron was activated on 1 January 1966 to carry out the task with 4429 Combat Crew Training Squadron activated on 15 May 1968 as a 2nd training squadron. From the Wing F-100 aircrews were transferred to the F-100 Squadrons in South Vietnam at Phù Cát AB 37 TFW Phan Rang AB 35 TFW and Tuy Hoa AB 31 TFW. On 1 January 1969 the 4427 Tactical Training Squadron replaced 4585 Student Squadron.

27 TFW began training forward air controllers and air liaison officers in 1969 T-33 Shooting Stars. 4468 Tactical Control Squadron was activated to initially perform this mission and was replaced by 609 Tactical Control Squadron. 465 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron replaced 4429 CCTS on 1 December 1972.

In July 1969 the Wing received 10 F-111As on loan from Nellis AFB Nevada to facilitate training while the Wing waited for its own aircraft. F-111Es began arriving in October 1969 but in the summer of 1971 the Wings aircrews ferried the last of them to RAF Upper Heyford England. In 1971
27 TFW received the first of its F-111D and in July 1972 the last operational active duty F-100s were transferred from the Wing to the Air National Guard.


This patch dates from 1966.









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