USAF Patch Fighter Vietnam 366 TFW Tactical Ftr Wing Da Nang AB
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USAF Patch Fighter Vietnam 366 TFW Tactical Ftr Wing Da Nang AB

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USAF Patch 366 TFW Tactical Fighter Wing Gunfighters Patch Phantom F 4 Da Nang AB Vietnam 1968 Uniform removed Vietnam Local Made embroidered on twill cut edge 88mm three and one half inches diameter.

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366 Tactical Fighter Wing sent its first squadron to Vietnam with 390 TFS deployed to Da Nang AB in October 1965 and 391 TFS going to Cam Ranh Bay AB in January 1966. In March 1966 HQ 366 Tactical Fighter Wing with 389 TFS its Phantoms and various support units were relocated to Phan Rang AB as the base host and was assigned 352 TFS 614 TFS and 615 TFS all with F-100Ds. The wing mission comprised Mig Combat Air Patrol with F-4 Phantoms to protect strike attack aircraft over North Vietnam and ground attack over South Vietnam with the F-100s.

Logistic difficulties in supporting both F-100 and F-4 aircraft at the same base led to the decision to move 389 TFS to Da Nang AB to join F-4Cs already stationed there and Phan Rang became an all F-100 base. With former 366 TFW Squadrons 390 TFS and 480 TFS already at Da Nang it was decided to rename 35 TFW at Da Nang to 366 TFW regaining its Squadrons and F-4s and 366 TFW at Phan Rang renamed 35 TFW with the F-100s on 1 October 1966 but without reassigning any personnel. 366 TFW gained rotational F-102 Delta Darts from 64 FIS from Clarke AB Philippines to provide base air defense and its F-4 Squadrons provided combat air patrol support for F-105 Thunderchief fighter bombers participating in Operation Rolling Thunder the tactical bombing of targets in North Vietnam. With F-4s struggling to hit Migs at close range 366 Wing maintainers mounted an external 20mm Gatlin gun pod on the Phantoms leading to increased Mig kills and earning the Wing its Gunfighters nickname.

The Wing upgraded to F-4D Phantoms in May 1968 and in 1969 4 TFS and 421 TFS joined the Wing with F-4Es which took over aircraft escort and ground attack missions with F-4Ds taking forward air control missions. On 30 June 1972 the 366 TFW was deactivated at Da Nang AB.

On the same day 30 June 1972 49 Tactical Fighter Wing the host unit at Takhli RTAFB Thailand was renamed 366 TFW again without reassignment of personnel. 49 TFW had in May 1972 deployed from Holloman AFB in response to the 1972 North Vietnamese Easter Offensive with 4 F-4D Squadrons 7 TFS 8 TFS 9 TFS and 417 TFS. 4 TFS and 421 TFS with their F-4 Es were relocated from Da Nang. 366 TFW Squadrons carried out air superiority missions over Vietnam. The Wing also provided support to Det 1 16th Special Operations Squadron AC-130 gunships deployed at Takhli RTAFB. 7 8 9 and 417 TFSs returned to Holloman AFB on 27 October 1972. The 4 and 421 TFSs were transferred to 432 TRW at Udon RTAFB on 31 October 1972 when 366 TFW was deactivated.


This patch dates from 1968.









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