USAF Patch Spec Ops Vietnam 9 Air Commando Sqn Nha Trang 1967
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USAF Patch Spec Ops Vietnam 9 Air Commando Sqn Nha Trang 1967

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USAF Patch 9 Air Commando Squadron Psychological Operations Nha Trang Patch Vietnam C-47 Skytrain 1967 Vietnam Local Made embroidered on twill cut edge 53mm by 107mm two and one sixteenth inches by four and three sixteenth inches.

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9 Air Commando Squadron Psychological Operations was activated on 25 Jan 1967 at Pleiku AB South Vietnam under 14 Air Commando Wing with C-47 Skytrain U-10 Super Courier and O-2 Skymaster aircraft. In addition to their psychological warfare missions the Squadron carried out night combat operations against enemy forces and hamlets through flare drops and minigun saturation fire and used light observation aircraft to perform search and rescue missions to locate and direct recovery forces finding downed airmen over enemy controlled territory. The Squadron relocated to Nha Trang AB South Vietnam on 1 September 1967

9 ACS was re-designated 9 Special Operations Squadron on 1 Aug 1968 under the re-designated 14 Special Operations Wing and relocated to Tuy Hoa AB South Vietnam on 5 September 1969 and to Phan Rang AB South Vietnam on 15 August 1970. As part of the drawdown of forces in Indochina 9 SOS was inactivated on 29 Feb 1972.

9 SOS was reactivated on 1 Mar 1988 at Eglin AFB Florida under 39 Special Operations Wing with MC-130P Combat Shadow for single or multi-ship low-level night time air refueling of special operations helicopters conducting infiltration exfiltration and supply missions. The Squadron also provides a limited command and control capability. The Squadron reassigned to 1st Special Operations Wing on 18 April 1989. 9 SOS saw combat in Panama Operation Just Cause 20 December 1989 to 14 January 1990 and Southwest Asia Operation Desert Storm 16 January 1991 to 5 April 1991. The Squadron remained under 1 SOW when it was re-designated 1 Special Operations Group and routinely deployed personnel and aircraft to contingency operations in the Balkans and Southwest Asia during the 1990s and participated in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan since.



This patch dates from 1967.








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