USAF Patch Spt SPS Vietnam 377 Security Police Sqn Tan Son Nhut
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USAF Patch Spt SPS Vietnam 377 Security Police Sqn Tan Son Nhut

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USAF Patch 377 CSG Combat Support Group SPS Security Police Squadron Tan Son Nhut Vietnam 1968 Vietnam Local Made embroidered on twill cut edge 73mm two and seven eighth inches diameter.

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377 Combat Support Group was activated on 8 April 1966 at Tan Son Nhut Air Base South Vietnam assigned to 7 Air Force replacing 6250
Combat Support Group to operate and maintain the USAF portion of the Base. The Groups responsibilities included housing numerous tenant organizations including Seventh Air Force and liaison with South Vietnamese Air Force. The Group also provided base defense and was involved in combat during the numerous enemy attacks on Tan Son Nhut AB. 377 CSG provided Base Flight support for Seventh Air Force carrying out flying operations and maintenance with C-47 C-123 and C-54 aircraft from June to December 1966 and took Base responsibility for Binh Thuy Air Base South Vietnam from 12 May to 1 July 1970. In September 1971 it again became responsible for supporting Base Flight T-39 C-54 C-47
C-118 as well as C-130 aircraft of 834th Air Division.

377 CSG was re-designated 377 Air Base Wing in January 1972 and gained a tactical mission and combat units. The wing operated the Southeast Asia Central Instructor Pilots School in which 360 TEWS used C-47 and EC-47s from February to November 1972. The wing also operated a Combat Crew Training School at Phù Cát Air Base South Vietnam with C-7 aircraft from March to October 1972. It resumed Base Flight operations at Tan Son Nhut in January 1972 operating and maintaining C-47 C-118 and T-39 aircraft.

With 8 Special Operations Squadron and its A-37s 377 ABW performed strike missions from January to October 1972 while 9 Special Operations Squadrons O-2s and C-47s conducted psychological warfare operations in January February 1972. 21 Tactical Air Support Squadron Light
conducted air liaison and forward air control operations from March 1972 to 28 January 1973 310 Tactical Airlift Squadron performed airlift and airdrop missions with C/UC-123s from January to June 1972 and C-7s from March to October 1972. 360 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron with C/EC-47s conducted airborne radio-direction finding operations from February to November 1972 and psychological warfare operations from February to August 1972.

The wing established an operating location of the wing headquarters at Bien Hoa Air Base, South Vietnam on 14 April 1972 to provide a turn-around service for F-4 Phantoms of other organizations. It was replaced on 20 June 1972 by Detachment 1 of the wing headquarters which continued the F-4 turn-around service and added A-7 turn-around service on 30 October 1972 and continued operations until 11 February 1973.

As part of the drawdown of forces from Vietnam the wing phased down transferring many assets to the South Vietnamese Air Force.and was inactivated on 28 March 1973.

The Wing was reactivated as 377 Combat Support Wing on 14 June 1985 at Ramstein Air Base Germany under 316 Air Division to replace the 86
Combat Support Group to provide support services for Ramstein AB and other locations in the Kaiserslautern military community and beyond. 377 CSW was inactivated on 1 May 1991.

The Wing was again activated as 377 Air Base Wing on 1 January 1993 at Kirtland Air Force Base to act as host wing assigned to Space and Missile Systems Centre which undertook Air Force R&D programs in space technology advanced nonconventional weapons and weapons effects rocket propulsion and geophysics. The Wing was reassigned to Air Armament Centre on 1 October 1998 and to HQ Air Force Material Command on 3 May 2004. The Wing provides support to base operations to more than 100 associate units in more than 2000 buildings and has the largest security forces squadron in the command. Additionally members of 377 ABW are continually deployed to numerous locations supporting Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom and other requirements worldwide.


377 Air Police Squadron was activated with 377 Combat Support Group on 8 April 1966 at Tan Son Nhut Air Base to provide security for the Base which they divided into 8 defensive bunker sectors manned by squads from A B or C Flights supported by Heavy Weapons and Sentry Dog Squads. 377 APS was re-designated 377 Security Police Squadron SPS on 15 May 1967. The Squadron participated in numerous defenses from standoff attacks sapper raids and a main force multi battalion attack at the beginning of the Tet Offensive 30 January 1968 during which the Squadron although suffering a number of KIAs particularly at Bunker 051 halted the advance and held back the large attacking force before reinforcements arrived earning a Presidential Unit Citation. Attacks continued to be defended up to the inactivation of the Squadron on 28 March 1973. 

This patch dates from 1968 and is for C Flight Security’s Roving V-100 armored car armed with a minigun call sign Golf 3 and referenced 69L 254 which was operating after the Tet Offensive battle.









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