USAF Patch Tng Foreign 80 FTW Flying Training Wing ENJJPT Ops
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USAF Patch Tng Foreign 80 FTW Flying Training Wing ENJJPT Ops

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USAF Patch Tng Foreign 80 FTW Flying Training Wing NATO ENJJPT Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Operations Sheppard AFB Texas 1990s fully embroidered merrowed edge 100mm by 100mm three and fifteen sixteenth inches by three and fifteen sixteenth inches. 

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In 1973 the rising cost of pilot training and the need to improve interoperability of NATO air forces led a group of European NATO nations to examine the feasibility of conducting a consolidated undergraduate flying training program and identifying locations with good weather conditions and reduced restrictions on airspace.

The United States joined the group in 1974 and with the United Kingdom Italy Turkey and Canada agreed that the US could offer the best combination of good flying weather adequate training airspace existing facilities and growth potential to accommodate increasing annual requirements for a joint undergraduate pilot training program.

In 1978 as a short term solution the US agreed to host the ENJJPT program for 10 years while a European base location was still being assessed. Undergraduate pilot training for the German and Dutch air forces was being conducted by 80 Flying Training Wing at Sheppard AFB Texas and was selected to provide the training with the ENJJPT Program was officially opened on 23 October 1981. The program was extended to 1989 then to 2005 and again to 2016. The wing is equipped with T-6A T-37B and T-38C training aircraft.

The ENJJPT Wing is a uniquely manned multi-national organization with a USAF wing commander and vice commander with the operations group commander rotated based on country participation. Command and operations officers positions in the flying training squadrons rotate among the participating nations with officers from all 13 participating nations fill subordinate leadership positions throughout the wing. Germany Italy the Netherlands Norway and the US provide instructor pilots based on their number of student pilots. Canada Greece Portugal Spain and Turkey do not have student pilots in training but provide one instructor pilot.

In addition to Undergraduate Pilot Training ENJJPT provides Pilot Instructor Training Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals and IFF Upgrade Instructor Pilot training. Circa 200 student pilots earn their wings at ENJJPT annually and 80 new instructor pilots are trained annually with up to 150 pilots transition through IFF each year.

The benefits of the ENJJPT Program have been proved with lower cost better training environment enhanced standardization and interoperability. In addition the bond of friendship and respect has developed among all participants in the 80 FTW and the student pilots and staff instructors of today will be the leaders of NATOs air forces of tomorrow. Having trained together they will be much better prepared to fight and win together when the need ever arises.


This patch dates from 1990s


 80 FTW Flying Training Wing


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