USAF Patch Tng Foreign 90 FTS Flying Training Squadron ENJJPT
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USAF Patch Tng Foreign 90 FTS Flying Training Squadron ENJJPT

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USAF Patch 90 FTS Flying Training Squadron ENJJPT Foreign Pilot 1980s Sheppard AFB T 38 Talon Embroidered on twill cut edge 104mm by 98mm four and one half inches by three and seven eighth inches.

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Squadron History 

90 Flying Training Squadron FTS Boxing Bears was activated on 1 January 1972 at Sheppard AFB Texas assigned to 80 Flying Training Wing equipped with T 38 Talon training aircraft to continue undergraduate pilot training for students in combined US and German Air Force classes under the US German assistance program. 90 FTS was responsible for phase three of the German US partnered flying training. 

In 1973 the USAF decided to downsize the partnered training program and to eliminate US participation by 1975. Numbers for both German and US students began to decline with the last class with US participation graduating in 1975 after which the Squadron provided pilot training to selected foreign allied nations.   

In October 1981 the Squadron commenced providing flying training for the newly formed Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program ENJJPT. Instructor pilots are utilized from USAF and from the participating European air forces based pro rata on the number of student pilots to be trained from each nation. ENJJPT Pilot training courses are 55 weeks long and comprise three phases. Originally intended as an interim solution for a European Undergraduate Pilot Training program Sheppard AFB has retained the ENJJPT program for review in 2016. 

This patch dates from the 1980s.








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